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Im having the same issue as Theike, took my 2015 Jeep GC to Europe when i moved and having had the lighting corrected to European standard wanted to get the GPS maps installed, Ive tried 3 Jeep dealerships and all I get is a smirk and "no" unless you want to change to the European U-connect system for around Euro 4k.

In my 2015 Durango, installing the update took roughly 16 minutes to complete. If you run into any issues during the installation, you can call Uconnect customer support at 1-877-855-8400. More

This is the Uconnect® support page for Jeep vehicles. Find information about system updates, how-to videos, common voice commands, and more.

If you are a Canadian consumer, you must register through the Uconnect ® system on your vehicle. If your Uconnect system doesn't have an option to register, it means the service is unavailable on your vehicle or on your previous model years and cannot be added.

2015 Jeep GC Uconnect software update FAIL 2 Answers. 2105 Jeep Grand Cherokee w/Uconnect. Tried to do the software update via the USB with the software downloaded from Uconnect's website. Every time it gets to step 11 of 15 (67% completed), it says th

What Uconnect Can Do. The Jeep Uconnect is a voice-activated, complete in-dash infotainment system which comes with newer Chrysler Jeep models either as a MOPAR dealer-installed option or a factory-installed option.