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Top 10 Best Cars Under 20k USD with Interior, Price, Milage and Power specifications in 2019: 10. Hyundai Veloster, 9. Kia Soul, 8. Subaru Impreza, 7

Fortunately, your car doesn't have to be part of that trend. Despite relentless improvements in automotive technology, it's still a cinch to find a great car under $25,000. In fact, there were so many candidates for this list of top 25 cars under $25,000 that a lot of them didn't make the cut.

Best cars to buy for £20,000 - evo garage Here's a selection of the best cars to buy for £20,000 - get in quick before these appreciating modern classics move out of reach. by: evo staff.

This video is featuring some of the best performing sport sedans/coupes that you can buy for $20,000 or less.All the car values would be as if they had 100,000 miles on them which is reasonable

Top 10 sports cars under $20,000 For under 20K, you can buy the rugged second-generation sedan or wagon, or the softer and larger third-generation sedan or hatchback WRX. The WRX STi has more power, stronger 6-speed manual gearbox, better suspension, brakes and a few other mods.

Top 10 Cars Honest John Top 10 Cars. Top 10: Best SUVs and crossovers for under £20k. For £20,000, you can get a practical and comfortable SUV or crossover, that makes an ideal main family car. Here's our pick of 10 of the best on the market at the moment.