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Walmart EverStart Car Battery Warranty - Details & History

There are more than a dozen car battery brands, and most of them are sold exclusively at certain retail chains. For instance, Autocraft batteries are available only at Advance Auto Parts stores, Bosch at Pep Boys, DieHard batteries at Sears and Kmart, Duralast at AutoZone, and EverStart at Walmart.

Car batteries store the energy produced by your alternator to allow the car to start. The stored energy can also be used when the car isn't running to power electrical accessories. As the battery ages, it loses its ability to hold a full charge. If its charging capacity drops too low, it may not hold enough power to start your vehicle.

A healthy car battery is essential for your vehicle to run, and it's hard to know when a battery is running out of starting power. In fact, one in every five batteries would require replacement if tested. If you're wondering whether your car battery still has some life in it, we can test and

The best places to buy a car battery offer a variety of choices and good warranties. We researched prices on Costco and more to help you get the best deal. Walmart is the best option if you want to find something local in a pinch.

Price doesn't guarantee quality when it comes to car batteries. As a rule, cheap batteries - $110 or less - aren't the absolute top performers in professional tests, but they aren't consistently the worst either. It's not unheard of to find a $90 car battery that scores higher overall than

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