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8: Red Bull - "I like the camo dazzle livery, but this one is an OK effort. I describe this as a modern Red Bull livery with modern colours in terms of colour codes." 9: McLaren - "I like its front nose, but the car livery, as considered to be the most disliked livery of 2015, it's a sponsorless McLaren…"

The car was still resident in the museum in April 2008 and the National Automobile Museum website in 2009 continued to list a "1965 Lotus-Ford 38 Indianapolis Race Car (Smothers Brothers)" in its collection. Still on display in October 2015 when it was still in the same white #39 Smothers Bros livery.

Welcome to the first F1 Livery Histories video. In this episode we'll be profiling the very team that started it all - Colin Chapman's Team Lotus.

The Lotus F1 Team unveiled their new livery for the coming season, and there was a noticeable reduction in the number of sponsor logos included on the black, red and gold paintjob. The Microsoft Dynamics logo on the sidepod is much larger, making up for the loss of Total, Rexona, Clear and Burn.

Graphic designer, Hanmer has designed a pretty sweet concept livery for the Lotus E23; using the iconic green and yellow but giving it a modern look. You must be signed into a WTF1 account to join the conversation.

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