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Introducing the PodRide: Your Everyday Bicycle-Car?

Introducing the PodRide: Your Everyday Bicycle-Car? This is the PodRide bicycle-car. It's an e-bike that functions like a tiny car because it protects you from the elements so you can ride year-round. PodRide, a wild enclosed 3 or 4 wheeled e-bike that looks like a micro car - Bikerumor

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The PodRide is a four-wheeled, electric bike that's perfect for winter bike rides or off-roading. The fabric shell keeps the rider both safe and warm during harsh weather. It even comes with

The fastest bike in the world, the Raht's patented drivetrain amplifies normal pedal effort and cadence to automotive speeds, (max 90 mph), giving the sensation of super strength. Simply put; when you pedal you go as fast as a car. It encloses the rider in a weatherproof, reinforced body with automotive safety components and features a

Say Hello To The PodRide - A Swedish All-Weather Electric Bike-Car. Cars News Funny Technology. Good for your health in more ways than one by Jonathan Lopez, It's called the PodRide.