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Race cars are not street legal for many reasons: Such a car typically does not include a seat belt. A car for racing does not require a license plate. Some racing cars do not have all the necessary lights needed for driving purposes; this is often due to those cars being raced in the daytime in most cases.

Street legal race cars exist in the intersection of these two groups: they're super-fast cars that also have all the safety features required by local laws. The definition of a street legal car varies from state to state, but there are a few things they must have, wherever you are. According to legal site, street legal race cars need:

Street legal 468 4 bolt main 13.2-1 compression Wiseco pistons eagle H beam rods forged crank crane solid roller Cam and kit. Ls6 heads ported and flowed dart intake Holley race 1000cfm msd 6al with rev limiterter and 2 step. 4500 Sall converter.

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