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BIT Program Truck/Tractor/Trailer Inspection and Maintenance Record

Most OEMs have an inspection and preventative maintenance (PM) schedule available for the vehicles they build. Establish "pull points" or "cut off points." This is a pre-determined "wear and tear" threshold that when reached, is the trigger for the part or component to be removed and replaced. Learn More - Maintenance Programs

The Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Tractors, Trucks & Automobiles mobile app provides a systematic sequence for inspections of gasoline and diesel vehicles.

The Preventive Maintenance Program (PM Program) requires that commercial vehicles be systematically inspected, repaired, and maintained every 12 months or 25,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Class F tractor (regulations and standards) Class G trailer or semi-trailer registered or operating

Maintenance Forms . One of the cornerstones of a quality Preventative Maintenance Program is a complete check list that helps to ensure that all specified checks, adjustments and maintenance operations are performed. Road Tractor PM Check Sheet ; Dry Van Trailer PM Check Sheet ;

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PREVENTION MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST FOR TRACTORS, TRUCKS, AND AUTOMOBILES Farm Machinery Fact Sheet FM-21 By Dr. Von H. Jarrett, Extension Agricultural Engineer Systematic sequence for inspection—GASOLINE AND DIESEL